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From one of America's premier U. S. flag manufacturers, Valley Forge Flag, the information listed here will help you give your flag the longest life possible.  While written for the U. S. Flag, use these tips for all your flag and fabric products from Bob's Flags.
  • Fly Ends: Watch for the first signs of fraying.  Flags can be trimmed and re-hemmed, greatly prolonging the life of the flag.
  • Windy Days: High winds are extremely tough on flags.  If at all possible, take down the flag when winds exceed 30 MPH.
  • Rain or Snow: For best results, do not expose your flag to these elements. If exposed, after a heavy rain or snow storm take down the flag and spread out to dry. DO NOT FOLD OR ROLL UP A WET FLAG!
  • Air Pollution: To minimize the effects of dirt, air, smoke, car emissions, etc. keep your flag clean.  Having two flags and interchanging them is highly recommended to prolong the life of the flag.
  • Cleaning the Flag: Nylon flags can be hand-washed in a mild detergent. Cotton and polyester flags should be dry-cleaned. Ask your dry cleaner if they provide this service.
  • Expected Life of a Flag: Sensible care of your flags will give you a better return on your investment in terms of longer life. The U. S. Government generally expects an outdoor flag to last approximately 90 days when flown from dawn until dusk in good weather. (NOTE: Bob's Flags customers generally replace their US flag on a 9 to 12 month time line).
  • Flag Disposal: The U. S. Flag Code states that when a flag is in such a condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, it should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.  Many Veteran and Civic Organizations will properly dispose of a flag at no cost (NOTE: Bob's Flag customers are welcome to return their retired U. S. flags to our store. We supply several groups, including Scouting Troops, the Lake Norman Highland Games military arm, and Military Service organizations with retired flags for proper burning ceremonies.)

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